Fix for bad bios flash

By MothBaller
Mar 29, 2006
  1. I looked on this site and couldn't find anything similar to this and it helped me out. i found it on another site.

    i have a new ecs board with a pentium d and with a ami bios chip. i flashed it to the newest version and it didn't work so the board was dead. when i tried to crank it up however the floppy drive acted as if it was looking for something.

    this is how i went about fixing it without having to hotswap the bios chip or install a new chip

    i have an old 98 machine and you need to format a floppy disk with 98/me.

    do not use xp, 2000, or the quick format

    you can use dos if you don't have an old machine lying around

    after you format the floppy, copy only the original bios rom file on to the disk, no other files. you could go to the website to see if the original release bios is located there, or see if the file is located on the cd that came with your mobo. i had to go to the ecs website to find my origianl release

    rename the rom file amiboot.rom

    use disk doctor or disk check to verify the floppy is usable

    put the floppy in the dead computer and turn it on. after a few seconds depending on your system it should pop up with a display of flash rom recovery. mine was automated and it reflashed my bios chip. my system rebooted and my pc was up and running again.

    i have no idea if this procedure could work with another type of bios but it worked for me without having to replace the chip or get a pro to do it for me.

    i hope this is helpful to some who have run into the same problem as i have. flashing your bios is always risky and really unless you are having the issue that an update can fix. it is best to just leave it alone.
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