Flash Drive - no media

By dbattaglia
Dec 22, 2009
  1. Hi!
    I found this situation on your website but didn't see the answer or how I can fix the problem and recover my files.

    Hopefully someone can help.....

    I did all this....

    The pc recovery program recognises my drive but says there is no media present.

    l tried using disk management also and this did not work. The drive appeared as removable disk F: but it says no media present. When I right click and clicked on properties it says 'flash drive is working properly'. I then when into my computer and right clicked on the removable disk drive and clicked on format and it says 'insert disk into drive F:.

    I really don't understand what the problem is, it was working fine until now. Every computer recognises my flash drive but none of them will let me open it.

    Any way it can be opened and the files retrieved? Life on Flash!
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