Flash Drive - Word Documents become corrupted need encoding!

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I just bought a new Flash Drive, and i found a problem. I copy and paste all my files from my old usb. When i try to open the word documents that i saved, it opens and then it says That the file need converting (encoding), but after i encode it, it just come out blocky not letters. Why is this happening? When i try to open it in my other USB it works...



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Did you remove the new USB drive properly after copying the files? Using the "safely remove hardware" feature? If you unplug the drive while copying files or somethimes even when the copy dialog has closed, you will corrupt data.

Are you using the same computer for opening the files from your old and the new USB drive?
Thanks for the reply Nodsu. My University computer disabled the "safely remove hardware" button so i have to unplugged it just like that. I used the same computer for opening files from the old and the new USB drive. But i have been doin the same with the old USB drive, like just unplugged it n it is still working fine.


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OUCH! What do you think "Safely Remove Hardware" implies? Whoever made
this choice is %*$&^ err I'll just say imassively uninformed!

The sole reason for this choice (imo) would be the school is too cheap to control
USB devices properly and has elected this method to discourage students from
attaching the devices.

Detaching without Safely Remove can, and frequently does, corrupt the data on the device!

Secondly, you should not have to Encode any document moved to the device
UNLESS someone has set NFS Encryption active -- another very poor choice.
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