Flaw in Micosoft's strategy

By jobeard
Aug 14, 2015
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  1. From the Business Insider:

    Flaw in Micosoft's strategy.

    Microsoft's strategy for Windows 10 hinges on what it calls "Universal Windows Apps",
    or "it runs the same on every platform".

    • 1) developers have no real reason to build Universal Windows Apps.
    • 2) legacy apps run just fine, so why reinvent just for mobile devices?
    • 3) lack of win/10 adoption (so far)
    • 4) lack of Windows Phone market share
    • 5) existing successful mobile apps were never deployed on desktops, so migration is not an incitement.
    • 6) the Universal App has restrictive APIs
    • 7) the coup de gras; many successful applications are agnostic to the Windows PC.

    See the original article for details here.

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