For the second time in a month Fortnite returns to iOS

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What just happened? If you haven't played Fortnite on your iPad since Apple booted it from the App Store, blow the dust off that avatar. Fortnite is out of beta and is again playable on iOS via GeForce Now's web app. A couple of weeks ago, iOS users got to play again using their Game Pass Now accounts. Now, you've got another way to play on the go.

On Thursday, Nvidia announced that Fortnite is now available to everyone via its GeForce Now streaming service, including iOS devices. The game was removed from the App Store and Google Play in 2020 after Epic tried circumventing store commissions.

While Android users can still play the game natively by sideloading it, iOS users must use browser-based streaming services. Earlier this month, Microsoft launched Fortnite on Game Pass, making it playable on iOS through the Xbox Cloud web app. Starting today, users have a second option via GeForce Now web app launched in 2020.

Nvidia released Fortnite on GeForce Now back in January as a closed beta. During the ensuing months, developers optimized the touchscreen controls, a common complaint on the Andriod version, and made tweaks to the menus to make them more legible on smaller screens.

More than 500,000 users got to test the game while it was in beta. Nvidia is offering them a free three-day membership to GeForce Now Priority, the service's mid-level subscription tier that goes for $9 per month, as a "thank you." Testers should soon get a code that they can redeem on Nvidia's promo redemption page.

Running the game natively on any hardware is usually a better experience than cloud gaming — however, some like the freedom of playing anywhere. So at least now, those who prefer Fortnite on iPhone or iPad have some options.

When Apple banned the game, Epic claimed 116 million people played Fortnite on iOS, 73 million exclusively. Some have surely switched to another platform in the two years since. However, many others have probably been waiting for the opportunity to jump back in on their iOS devices. Game Pass and GeForce Now might not be the best for doing that, but until Apple and Epic hash out their differences, it's pretty much their only choice.

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