Former Microsoft employee launches 'Fixing Windows 8' blog

By Shawn Knight ยท 62 replies
Mar 14, 2012
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  1. Here's an option MS never considered. Stop making OSs. Linux/Unix are so much better. Firefox can do the browser. There's no need for MS at all anymore!!
  2. I am an IT Technician and i just laughed so hard at the comment "I had to google how to shut it down". Mainly this was hilarious because i had to also. I work with servers and pc's every day and had to google how to use a operating system, i mean if that says anything i think Microsoft needs to make the gui clearer or i wont even recommend the os to customers due to the ammount of support users would need to simply navigate the interface.
  3. well we can call it Windows 8 ME !!
  4. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    The more I'm hearing about this up and coming Windows 8 thing, I am more and more agreeing with what you said here!

    Windows 8 "The New Millennium Edition"!

    Windows 8 "The Worse Than Windows Millennium Edition"!

    I could go on! haahaha lol :)
  5. I still can't get Microsoft to fix their import routine in Access 2010, which hasn't been updated since Access 2000. What makes users think Microsoft is listening to any user suggestions.
  6. Haha! I'm an IT Tech too and I work with computers all day including programming, and I too had to google the shut down. I REALLY tried to figure out the 'magic' secret location or click that would bring up some hidden menu where you could, you know...'do things' (other than looking at the fish). I tried for a minute and a half every corner/right-click/dbl-click combination I could think of and finally gave up... Unbelievable...I was EXACTLY like that guy on the vid.

    Holy cr@p, it felt like alien technology that was looking for a 6th and 7th finger to fly the UFO. And you want me to recommend this to my mom!?!? No chance - I'd be in support hell for the next 5 years.

    C'mon microsoft, did you not test this on anyone over 20? Put the damn start button back and make it EASY to switch metro/desktop back and forth - this is not rocket science.
  7. Do you think Microsoft even realizes that if it weren't for PC gaming there would be no reason to run Windows? Linux is just fine.
  8. I tried Vista and soon dumped it. I tried Windows 7 and now I have tried Windows 8. Both had much to commend them but neither had the capability to do the things I want so I guess I will have to stick with XP. I really can never understand why when Microsoft produces a new operating system it has less flexibilty and capability than the previous one.
  9. m4a4

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    Said this in another post but: At first I agreed with the point that they were conveying; that some people would be lost without the familiar start button. But then I thought about it some more; This is essentially new software. If you gave that old man a Tablet without some sort of tutorial, he would wind up getting lost too.
    So what I am saying is that Windows 8, the release version, should have tips and pointers to help people navigate their new software. It would be foolish of them to go "Here's Windows 8, have fun figuring it out on your own." as lots of people would give up and go to another operating system (heck, even my optimism would fade away ;P ).
  10. Microsoft needs to stop trying to make their operating systems more complicated with each version. Stop creating more options, settings, less menus, icons, more mouse gestures, more features to drive those over 30 nuts. Make an operating system that is simple but effective, stylish but usable, free from bloat but powerful, can be used by grandmas and grandpas but provide options and customizations underneath for the more computer literate crowd. Lets face it the Operating System is what allows the programs people use to run so stability, simplicity, and security outweigh any additional features. Most people buy an operating system so they can run the latest applications, have the newest technologies, and more security not so they can fiddle with their Operating System. It can look like a million bucks and if only the computer savvy can use it how has Microsoft helped themselves. Microsoft needs to stick with Operating Systems not try to be a marketplace of all kinds of other software and technologies, Google could use the same lesson. Do mainly one thing and do it well and you will have a much more successful product rather then trying to be all things to all people. I fear Microsoft wont get the message and its okay if they miss it Apple and Linux will be perfectly happy to take their market share.
  11. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,958   +215

    I tried it now, the last 10 seconds from that vid now ring even more true in my ears!
    And I am truly an anti Apple guy at that!
  12. I'm a very experienced user.

    I love Microsoft products.

    But I cannot use Win8 - the interface is awful and useability 1/10

    Yes I'm a desktop user.

    If Win8 launches without major inprovements - I will not upgrade.

    Looking at Win8 - is the first time I've considered a move to Mac
  13. Really? People are still using XP? Dear lord, you people do need help. Windows 7 is an excellent OS. Do you XP users realize that XP was actually a steaming pile until SP2? Quit living in the dark ages and move on with your lives! I've ran nearly every Microsoft OS since Windows 95 and Windows 7 is really good.
    Now for Windows 8...not so much impressed. I just feel it is far too soon for Microsoft to be introducing an OS, especially one with some BS gimmicks. I would have hoped MS would have learned from ME and Vista, sadly, they have not and history will repeat again. I guess I'll buy a couple of reserve copies of Windows 7 for future builds to at least buy me some time.
    Metro really is a steaming pile of BS though. Same stupid touch pad interface that I have on my Windows Phone, which was a mistake I won't be making in buying again.

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