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Jun 17, 2005
  1. Right, depending on whether or not I get a summer job im buildin a new PC, but lets just say i get a job, everybody's happy and the suns shinin...I luv a case, think it luks awesum, and it comes with a free PSU, but ive heard that case PSU's can be faulty and even blow your CPU. As im probably going with the Athlon 64 FX55 id like to avoid this if possible. The case im going with is the X-Blade ultimate with the 580W PSU (, if anyone knows anything useful about it it would be much appreciated, although it hasnt been released yet there is an earlier version out. I checked the PSU out and as far as I can tell it got a good review (, but id like to know whether or not it was good quality, and whether im in any danger of blowing a £600 CPU, id also like to know if it was actually, as stated, a 580w PSU (i heard it mite be some sort of self boasting claim), i need it to be fairly powerful as i want the geforce 7800 gtx (think thats wot its gonna be called) which will be fairly power intensive, no way im buyin 2 of them though, so after waffling on basically if anyone knows how gud either the case or PSU is then id be very glad to know, im going to be ordering it next week if theres no bad feedback so feel free 2 say anything mildly related :).
  2. mailpup

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    I can't say anything from personal experience but from the review the psu looks good.
  3. Finchy

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    I've heard a few people have trouble with X-Blades. I mean the Psu inside it, i've seen on various forums people who've had trouble with X-Blade Psu's. Replace the case PSu with the Enermax Noisetake 600watt. It's quite expensive at about £100, but if you want a really high quality PSU that'll never let you down and leaves some upgrading potential, its a great deal. If you've got enough money to shell out on a Geforve 7800,you've probably got enough for a top notch PSU. I'm sure the case itself is great, it looks great.
  4. PaulWuzHere

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    From what i have seen...

    My friend has an Athlon 3200+ in an X-blade case. The PSU has been great for about a year now. Yet... his system doesn't require much power. He is running a 5500 and 3 CD/DVD-ROMs. I am not sure about the power but I do know it will last and is safe. I hope this helps :angel:
  5. rv13uk

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    Ill recheck the PSU, but it did seem to get a really good review. Plus, when I say im going to get the new geforce, it dusnt mean I have the money now :), basically Im going to start saving and just buy it when I get enough money, however long it takes, so an extra £100 would be undiserable. I may buy the case and then set up my current system inside it, thatll give me at least till december running the PSU and if it blows my current computer its no biggy. Thanks for your advice and hopefully when I get a bit more knowledgable Ill be able to start giving some.
  6. Finchy

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    Looks like I was wrong about the PSU, maybe X-Blades are reliable. In that case forget what I said previously.
  7. rv13uk

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    Right, okay all my doubts are now gone, if I can secure a job over summer holidays itll be bought this week. Thanks for all your help

  8. Finchy

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    The idea of getting the case now with current system in seems good to me, then just in case the PSU inside is bad, it wont affect your up coming sytrem. When my computer's PSU blew (I'm pretty sure it was the PSU), it cost £500 to replace the stuff inside.
  9. rv13uk

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    Unlucky, yeah I reckon Ill do Ill get some experience at putting a PC together which Ill need for later on. I cant imagine any compatability problems, think everything should fit, plus I get to see the lovely blue LED's in action :). Oh yeah, and incase it makes a difference the PSU is modular, not entirely sure what that means but maybe someone else can.
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