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Free-to-play Need for Speed MMO hits open beta

By Matthew ยท 58 replies
Mar 16, 2010
  1. flocka

    flocka TS Rookie Posts: 40

    not a fan of the NFS series, but i like MMO's.
  2. Pharazon

    Pharazon TS Rookie

    Sounds pretty interesting. i should probably give it a try.
  3. Yoda8232

    Yoda8232 TS Rookie Posts: 145

    Map is from Most Wanted lol.
    Hopefully you can actually play the game for free and get a decent car without having to stuff in cash.
  4. ourboyblue

    ourboyblue TS Rookie Posts: 19

    a driving MMO, sweet, now I can drive like a jerk online. ;)
  5. buttus

    buttus TS Enthusiast Posts: 180

    I used to LOVE NFS many years ago (I think Hot Pursuit was the last one I played). However, once Gran Turismo came out of the PS I lost my affection for NFS. I do think with all the street racing games out there NFS has a very difficult time carving out it's own niche and unique take on this genre.
  6. EduardsN

    EduardsN TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I imagine what its going to be like already... people driving 300kph all around you lol
  7. Wagan8r

    Wagan8r TS Evangelist Posts: 603   +64

    Hmmm, this might be worth a try. I have a hard time seeing me playing it more than a few hours total. Just look at Battlefield Heroes. Not necessarily a bad game, but not a whole lot of replay value. I don't see this kind of sales model catching on.
  8. They should use Google maps. How cool would it be to:

    1. Drive to your house.
    2. Race across the country, Cannonball-style, on what looks like real roads.
  9. Docnoq

    Docnoq TS Booster Posts: 143

    I wonder how instances/raids will be done..

    All right men, Semi, you are the main tru--err, tank.

    Porsche, I want you to stay behind the junkyard crane at all times for maximum dps.

    I will be leaving my car to handle repairs.. just try not to lose any wheels.

    VW bus.. MORE DOTS!
  10. Serag

    Serag TS Booster Posts: 181

    Awesome!, can't wait..
    I like how the game takes place in Most Wanted city :D
  11. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    Nice to see I'm not the only one. I am getting a little irritated that everyone is using the term MMO in such a liberal way. MMO means MASSIVE this is not going to be MASSIVE in terms of thousands racing all at once on one track on the same sever. If that's the case then every online game can be considered an MMO. It seems since WoW's success everyone wants to call there game an MMO. And that isn't even a great MMO example in which hundreds to thousands of players interacting in one area together consistently.

    But my little MMO terminology rant aside =P, this does look interesting and I will give it a try but I won't call it an MMO Racer.
  12. Geek4life

    Geek4life TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Hey its free I'll try it out maybe.
  13. This is a watered down version of Mos Wanted. The handling is incredibly high, the cars traction is so fast. it seems the car starts at gear 3. Cops seem easy, recycled city... what else?

    No, forgive me, its nt a watered down version, its MW on steroid (not necessarily a good thing).

    But it's free and I will give it a try. They should just top trying so hard and make another NF Hot Pursuit game. Hot Pursuit2 is the best NFS game so far. Hopefully they will stop making shitty games like Shift.
  14. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,259   +879

    Good to see big companies using the standard way to play most online web-based games have aquired, play for free and if you want an edge pay a fee. Undoubtely this will bring new gamers and quite a few bucks into the gaming industry.

    First seen on the new version of DDO, being the game free to play without having to put a single buck in order to enjoy it, but adding a lot more content with a couple of bucks or even a subscription.
  15. Not the first NFS MMO, having beta tested and then (thanks to my poor judgement and eternal optimism) bought Need For Speed: Motor City Online.

    That was quite a few years ago though and both computer and internet speeds have come a long way. Looking forward to giving it a go. Better dust off the G25!
  16. jasonk1229

    jasonk1229 TS Rookie Posts: 58

  17. z0k!

    z0k! TS Rookie Posts: 61

    the racing style looks a blend of drag racing and burnout paradise style arcade.
    looks good, i signed up :D

    if i m not mistaken theres already a title in the racing MMO genre,' Torque'..not the most attractive game but its fun
  18. ShiftedReality

    ShiftedReality TS Member

    I signed up a few hours as well will see what it is like soon hopefully
  19. burnunit

    burnunit TS Rookie

    Excellent! I've loved Need For Speed from way back when... And it great that it is free, but looks like I'm going to have to shell out for a new vifeo card :)
  20. rufio

    rufio TS Rookie Posts: 51

    signed up! i've always enjoyed playing nfs games
  21. yorro

    yorro TS Booster Posts: 251

    I am not a fan of MMO but I like this game alot.
  22. ashwingeek

    ashwingeek TS Rookie

    A free online service from EA? Interesting
    NFS is one of the best games,but i have not played online. i may try it out.
  23. Jay Pfoutz

    Jay Pfoutz Malware Helper Posts: 4,282   +49

    I like the game itself, but this actual F2P will be even better and can help further the user community. Need for Speed is one of the most popular games, and I think this will further it even more. Especially the F2P availability for it.

    Is there a premium version, or at least one planned?
  24. Wendig0

    Wendig0 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,128   +129

    This looks great! Just signed up for it
  25. matrix86

    matrix86 TS Guru Posts: 838   +32

    "While Need for Speed World is free to play, dedicated racers can use real money to buy in-game goods..."

    HA! I knew it, lol. Nothing like this is ever free. When I saw the words "free to play" I immediately thought " to upgrade" just like in all these annoying myspace and facebook apps.

    This is just like every other MMO where people waste money on fake stuff that does no good (can't you tell how much I hate these types of things? lol)

    I will play this game as I enjoy the NFS games, but i'm not paying to upgrade a virtual car.
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