Freezing before Windows XP Splash Screen

By Joep0113
Feb 19, 2008
  1. Hello everyone im trying to get my PC working but its being well a b*tch. Ive read the other threads to see what i could get and there was always 1 problem to impede the progress in one way or another. Anyway here is the problem; I took my PC to my dads for the week and hooked it up and everything, when i tried starting it, it said tehre was somthign wrong and gave me the following options to boot from; Safe Mode, Safe Mode & Networking, Safe Mode & command prompt, Last known good configuration, and Start Windows Normally. I just kept restarting and choosing 'Last Known good configuration' and got it working after an hour. It shut down fine and started up fine the next days. Then i took it back to my moms, hooked it up and all that and ran into the same problem but this time nothing worked. None of them works, they all freeze no matter how many times i try. I tried booting from the Windows XP disc and still nothing, freezes at 'Setup is starting Windows'. Then i saw that i should try the Recovery Console but couldnt get that workign as it goes from a plain blue screen to the 'Press F6 to load somthing or other' and then goes installs or loads stuff. Im not very tech savvy and its been a week now....a week with no computer is the worst week ever. I really dont want to reformat windows as i have a ton of stuff on it that once i lose will be lost to oblivion for forever, Any help is greatly apprectiated :).
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    bump, anyone have any ideas :confused:
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