Freezing computer, tried multiple things to fix

By stang67
May 2, 2006
  1. Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site, and I know some about computers but not a ton. Ok, I will try to explain this as good as I can. I am not currently at my computer, but I will try to put down details as best I can off the top of my head. Here is what I recall my system having:

    -AMD Athlong XP 2000+ processor
    -2x 512 ddr ram
    -ATI 9550 256mb video card
    -I honestly can't remember what type of motherboard I have, when I do check it out, I'll post it, if it matters
    -I am running WIndows XP
    -let me know if anymore specs are needed

    Ok, here is what I am experiencing. I did a search trying to find this problem, but found similar, but not exact, so I am just curious. My computer freezes maybe once every other week just on normal standby, if i have my screensaver on, or me not really doing much, but that only happens very few times, and isn't much of a problem, although it could be. But, basically, when I play some games, such as City of Heroes, I can play for 10 minutes, and then it freezes, or I can play for 3 hours and then it'll freeze up, and just have to hit reset to reboot computer. On rare occasions, it won't even reboot, and I have to pull open case, and pull out cables, then reinsert to get it to reboot correctly. BUt that is a different issue. I contacted tech suppor for COH, and the yhave had me doing different things, such as defrag, and did a directX program, that changed something like the memory usage, or somethign like that (again, off the top of my head). That just created extra lag in my game, and it still freezes. Now he has me doing a stress test on it, which I did overnight, which was recommended by them, but it froze overnight, so I had to redo it this morning while I left for work. So, I don't make this post too long, if anybody has any idea what is happening, I would appreciate any help. I have updated drivers, I got a new video card, I have cleaned out case of any excess dust, and nothing. My fans, both for the cpu and for processor, seem to be working properly, so not sure if it's overheating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. stang67

    stang67 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, I ran a stress test via Prime95?? I think, and it seemed everything was ok. I pulled out one of my memory sticks, so now I just had 1x 512mb stick, and tried the game. I played for 2 hrs w/o freezing, but there was still horrible lag. Tonight, I'm gonna try the other stick by itselft, just to see. But, I have another question. When I first stared this game, I didn't lag, then I did the msconfig to disable all running programs in the background, and ever since then, I have had huge lag, even with the 1 gb RAM. So, is the msconfig really causing the lag, or would it be attributed to something else. I do have DSL, so the connection isn't that bad, in fact, my entire comp seems to be running pretty slowly. I would appreciate any insight on this, thanks.
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