fs9 with fsNavigator split screen

By nichos
Oct 3, 2005
  1. Asus A8N sli nforce4
    AMD 64 3500+ (2.21mhz)
    1gb ram
    Asus A8N sli nforce4
    AMD 64 3500+ (2.21mhz)
    1gb ram
    Gfx card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT 128mb
    160gb Sata HD.
    WinXP SP2
    FS9 - fs91update

    FSNav 4.7 problem,

    When I run FSNavigator a split screen occurs in the top halve of the screen, same hight or debth as fsNav window when set to top RH corner, FS9 flies in the top part of screen, whilst the bottom halve and instrument panel freezes. fsNav carries on flying.

    It is a random occurence, and difficult to determine what causes it.

    Only happens with fsNav displayed and not with any other extra window diaplayed, ie. GPS, ATC etc.

    Note in foto aft straith & level, with horizon still showing previous bank, at moment of split. nick
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