Future iPhones may conserve battery by determining your daily activities and charging patterns

Himanshu Arora

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As we keep on waiting for breaktrhoughs in battery technology, Apple is looking at creative ways of maximizing the autonomy of its devices, as revealed by a couple of related patent filings. The filings were published yesterday by the United...

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Qualcomm has already had the app with same function for android almost a year now! Battery Guru.


Hmmm, wasnt the old nokia n8 the first phone who did that ? :p miss having batteri for like 4 days with daily usage on the job and at home.

Raoul Duke

Seems like there may be some carry over of this technology if it works to tablets. I have a gift ASUS Memo HD, I use it only for reading, but battery life it seems to me, might be improved if 12 other apps I don't use didn't start when I hit the power button. I imagine phones are the same??? Can anyone educate me here. I don't own a cellphone


@ Raoul Duke: Yes, cell phones are essentially little tablets with built in hardware to make phone calls. Apart from that, they isn't much difference.