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Mar 28, 2005
  1. am running an Intel 2.8E processor on an Intel D865PERL mobo with 1 GB of dual DDR memory bus 400 and an IDE Maxtor 7200 RPM drive with 8 MB of cache plus a stupid MSI GeForce MX440 video card which doesnt run any recent games any more , so am upgrading it soon to a MSI FX5700LE card with 256 MB of memory Here's The Link cause that's what I can afford for the moment , I've read many topics complaining from LE cards stating they are slow 64 bits cards , but MSI states this card's memory interface is 128-bit and it's Graphic core is 256-bit , so this card is supposed to be fine ? are all LE cards the same or does every manufacturer build a different card ? I also wanna know what's the specs of the original FX5700 card as this FX5700 LE card has 250 Mhz core speed & 400 MHz memory clock , my psu's 250 watt only , do I need a psu upgrade too ?

    can anyone supply me with ANY benchmarks for this FX5700 LE card cause i cant find any

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Not all 5700le's are 64bit memory interfaces. The 128bit ones are much better.
    The 5700 is 425, 550, so the le is crippled quite a bit. What price is that card? I think it's about $120. There are probably better options in it's price range. This is probably a little more money, but it's a lot faster. I think it will be several times faster than the 5700le and it's only about $20 more.

    You probably will need a better psu if you get a better card. Check for yourself here just put in your components(or similar to your components if it isn't listed) and it will say how big your psu should be.

    As far as 5700le benchmarks, I couldn't really find too many. But it performs just slightly better than the 5200. The 5200 is on many benchmark charts, so you can use it as a comparison to other cards. In Farcry, the 5200 gets 3.7fps(unplayable) while the 6600(the pci-e version, agp should be similar) gets 37 (10x faster).
  3. UnLeashed

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    well...thanks for ur reply first of all...I live in Egypt , I'll buy this MSI FX5700 LE for an amount equal to 145 US $ , things are expensive here plus u dont get to find recent cards as the 6600 , only the PCI-E version is available here and it's for about 380 US $ , hehehe , pathetic , I know...but what shall I do :confused: as for the psu , I calculated my system and my Recommended Minimum Power Supply was 314 watts , so I'll grab a 400 watt psu

    I have another question concerning this MSI FX5700LE card , what about OC it ? is it dangerous ? what's the limits ? is there some percentage for increasing the memory and core clocks speeds ? or is it all dependant on the card's temperature ? any links for OC this card would be appreciated :)
  4. vnf4ultra

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    I apologize for my assuming that you were from the us. One of my pet peeves is that I think all posters should list at least what country you're from so it's listed in your posts(hence my very specific location :)) and then you'll get more relevant results.

    A 400w would be fine, so would a 350w. Be sure to get a respectable brand or you could be just wasting your money on a junk psu. Check this thread out.

    You could oc the card. You'd get some improvement in performance. It is somewhat dangerous and it voids your warranty. You have to be sure to have good cooling so it doesn't overheat and fry. If you overclock doing the coolbits registry hack(run regedit , go to hkey local machine/software/nvidia corp/global/nvtweak/ and right click an empty space on the white box. Create a new dword named coolbits. Then modify that entry and give it a hexadecimal value of 3. Then close regedit.) Then when you open up graphics properties and click settings, then advanced, then click 5700le and on the left pane there should be a clock frequency setting link, click it and then you can change the core and memory speeds. You can "detect optimal frequencies" or do it manually. Test your changes(there's a button to press) and go in small steps(in manual mode)
    Test your changes in a benchmark program like aquamark3 to check for artifacts(jaggies, you'll know 'em when you see 'em). Once you get jaggies, then back off a little until you don't have them anymore, this is your oc.

    Different brands get different oc's. Just because "bob" gets a 15% oc doesn't mean you will. Even individual cards of the same model can vary.
  5. UnLeashed

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    I've already bought the card now , and used the coolbits tweak .. when I access the "clock frequency settings" option and choose : detect optimal settings .. the card is adjusted to : 300 MHz core clock and 503 MHz memory clock , the card originaly with no oc is set to : 225/400 , am i risking damage to the card if i used these optimal settings ?

    also I've noticed if i manually adjust the speeds to 275/450 I get nearly similar scores in tree mark to 300/503 setting

    plz recommend me some settings
  6. tbrunt3

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    IF the card detected the settings you can use them but pay attetion to your heat and if you have any problems move the settings down..
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