Game Dev Tycoon tries to teach pirates a lesson with a healthy dose of irony

By Shawn Knight ยท 30 replies
Apr 29, 2013
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  1. Mallok

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    The lies of game piracy:

    1) $60 is way too much for a game. For me. And apparently a lot of others. But, Steam makes it possible for me to play the games I want and at the prices I'm willing to pay. The downside, which I don't consider a downside at all, is that I have to wait. And that is why the demo/free play limited time argument is a lie. You are not entitled to play a game right when it comes out, you have to wait for the discounted version/demo/free weekend. Eventually, if everyone was willing to do this the price would come down; until then, Steam sale. Not to mention all the other sites now, like GOG, Gamefly, Amazon Digital who all run sales as well.

    2) Also, saying the game is bad is an even worse lie. If it's bad, then why are you playing it at all? There's only about 50 game review sites you have access to on the internet. I like Metacritic, and they certainly get all the big releases. If it has a terrible score it's a terrible game, don't buy it. Nothing forces you to pre-purchase, you chose to buy an unreviewed game. And pirating because it's bad? really? why would you be wasting your time. Clearly a lie.

    3) DRM. my favorite. If the game has a crappy DRM then don't buy or play it. Again, you aren't owed the playtime of any game. If you buy a game with terrible DRM, you voted yes on crappy DRM. Just ignore the game, if everone did, DRM would go away. If the company somehow owed you the game, maybe you could justify pirating it. But, they don't, and you can choose to find out what DRM is there and not buy based on that.

    There's no legitimate reason to pirate a game, just lies we tell ourselves. I used to do it also, when I was a kid. I don't have the time anymore, and I can get everything I want for $5 or less in 90% of cases.
  2. Here's a legitimate reason: Because I can.
  3. yRaz

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    games end up costing $120+ with dlc. Most of the dlc is a few multiplayer maps and some "custom" skins. A new weapon if you're lucky. At that point match making is almost impossible if you don't have the dlc. You want to talk about old games being more expensive with inflation? They gave you more content in older games. Now the game is purposely split up before release and then sold in chunks over the course of a year.

    we are being treated like garbage by these companies. And review sites don't always give an accurate review. A 5/10 a few years ago is now an 8/10. Free weekends happen usually right before the release of a related title. I also haven't seen a steam free weekend in months. You want Skyrim for $5? Have fun waiting 6 years. I don't know if they will ever have a steam free weekend for Skyrim. They also severely limit content in the free week end. I remember the blackops free weekend there were two makes, both garbage, and 3 guns. Imagine just playing through the tutorial in Skyrim then having them ask to pay for the game.

    these companies are criminals. Maybe I don't want to wait two years to play a game. Just play a pirated version for a few hours to decide if I like it.

    piracy will always exist, but the developers could do a lot to reduce it. Why should a cracked version of a game run better than a legitimate copy? I've had games that I've bought and then had to crack(assassins creed 2) because I kept getting kicked out of game from DRM.

    a lot of people have listed a lot of good reasons for piracy, I don't understand how you don't believe them. I guess that's why games keep getting pirated, because developers think their customers are lying about why they pirate.

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  5. People pirate because they want free ****, end of story. People stay on unemployment, welfare, food stamps because it's free money. People vote for corrupt politicians who promise free ****. If you want to steal something because it is too low quality to purchase, that is still stealing- do without.
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  6. 9Nails

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    I used to pirate/crack games that I owned to get around the "Insert physical media" disk-locks that they put on titles. Its a real turn-off to own a game, but be treated like a pirate every time you play it.

    Now I look for games on Steam first. No media checks on Steam. It's now habit I guess. If Steam doesn't have the game, I just forget about it and find something else.

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