Build a PC Game lag while recording


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Lately ive been trying to vid some gameplay and when I setup my camtasia up the games start lagging even though on the games which are not really demanding and I get 150 fps easily.. still get lag turning v sync on or off changes nothing what can this be I doubt it is a cpu problem cause i5-3570k 4.0 is alrdy overkill enough for it what could it be?


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my ram is 8 gig dual channel 1333mhz

Camtasia is the trial version but it still offers the whole thing right for 30 days so that doesnt even count

and hard drive is probably the bottleneck before I went back to windows 7 on windows 8 it showed alot of times that it was hitting 100% on certain programs

if so what could help this a bigger hdd or a new ssd?


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If it is a hard drive causing the problem, getting a separate drive just for recording will help!!! :) As long as it is a different drive than the one programs are being run off of it will be good!


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Will an external hd be just as fine as an internal? the external hard drive comes with 2 usb ports connected to one wire does it mean it needs both connected to have its full writing and reading bandwitch/potential?


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Yes, needs both connected. Make sure it's USB3.0 otherwise it'll be slow and a bottleneck.


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When recording DO NOT USE FRAPS it will eat you're frame rate.

Use DXTory, slighly lower quality but much better fps and the file size is smaller[FONT=Trebuchet MS][/FONT]


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Any screen cap software will have a noticeable performance hit. Fraps is designed around gaming and as far as I know is the most reasonable for gaming, especially if recording mic input/high quality.
But screen cap software is something no one will ever agree on, as everyone feels obligated to advertise what works best for them. In my case its FRAPS. In flygamers case, its DXtory.

I might also point out that since DXtory has a smaller file size, it encodes while it records, which will result in a substantial performance hit. Fraps works well because it stores raw input to be combined and encoded later on in the desired format/quality.