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Jul 7, 2005
  1. I hope this is the right place to post but i need some help. I play guild wars and everything goes fine for a bit. But once I start fighting or entering a area with alot of People i have mad lag. I know 1 reason is because I have dial up But i know that cant be the full reason because my neighbor plays with me and he has no lag (also dial up). I thought virus or spyware so i ran adware and norton but it found nothin. Im guessing i should buy something to help.I have 256mb ram, pentium 3 733mhz
  2. Mikael

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    Could you please list the rest of your system specs? I usually always recommend 512mb of RAM (at the minimum) for people who play video games. Take into consideration that your video card may also be causing you problems.

    For anyone that is curious, click here for system requirements for Guild Wars.
  3. _Arod_

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    Sorry im a bit noobish at this, i found some prog that shows some specs.. Im also using a ati visiontek extasy 9250 radeon graphics card. I meet all the requirements for guildwars except having 800mhz :( I have 730...

    heres that program pic with specs:

    p.s. I had to use photcuket cause the pic upload isnt working
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    What settings are you using ingame?

    Since you're already under specs, you should be running with them pretty low...

    But truth to be told, since you're under specs, you shouldn't be too surprised... The times you say you experience the lag is situations when your system is under a lot of stress...
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    As you can see, the minimum (CPU speed) requirements for games are for situations like this, where the game is too slow to be playable under normal conditions.

    I presume you've set graphics details and screen resolution to low already?

    It would certainly help to have more RAM, but you could check yourself which is the bottleneck - CPU speed or the amount of memory - by running Task Manager in background, letting it "log" CPU and memory usage.
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