Game Piracy Results in Lower Prices?

By Julio Franco ยท 5 replies
Nov 29, 2003
  1. Spotted this article over at Slashdot: The BBC reports that Sony will soon launch the PlayStation 2 in China, following Nintendo's lead with the GameCube. Most interesting about the story is the news that, because of widespread piracy in China, PS2 games 'will cost far less than they do in the US or the UK, but still be slightly more than pirated discs.
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    My friend just bought a DVD burner and already has his PS2 modded. However I think the both of us would do other wise and want to support Sony, if it didnt send us broke. Pirated discs cost ~$5. Retail games cost $50. $50 is a lot of money for one game. A defent wise move on Sony's end I recon, because I think less people will make the effort pirate when games are priced reasonably in the first place.
  3. NoisySilence

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    I don't see why people argue about prices. It's expensive because it costs a lot to develop a game nowdays. If it's too expensive, don't buy it, simple as that.

    If a BMW comes out & is really expensive, do you go out & steal it just because you want it ?
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    I know it costs a lot to develop a game, because it takes so darn long. However you can buy a Playstation2 for $200. You can get FOUR games for your PS2 for $200.

    I think they'd make more money, knocking the prices down to $30 perhaps.

    Why would people do that, when they can have it? [For very little cost] - Simple as that.
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    I do understand that but software is the only situation of theft where people feel they're "allowered" to do it. Just because it's not tangible as in something you phisycally stole from a store for example, people feel it's different. Deep down, it isn't different then going in a store & stealing some goods & walking out without paying.

    I still agree that lowering the prices would mean more sales, but how much so ? Would it really sell to the point of generating more money for them then it does now ?

    I think some people haven gotten used to the idea of free software & will never pay for it, no matter how low it is.
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    It IS different. Now, it is certainly wrong and it would be silly to actually say there is absolutely nothing wrong with it... But piracy is quite different than actual theft.

    To make a bold statement, piracy is not theft. This is because there is no loss of product from the shelf. Because there is no loss of product, there is no direct loss of money. The absolute worst piracy can do is stop revenue, but does not take it away. Theft requires loss of product, which this does not have.

    What piracy does is prevent potential sales. So do many other things.. But preventing sales is not considered theft by any stretch of the imagination.

    For example, you buy a new car and I buy a hi-tech device from another galaxy that can make exact copies of your car. Now, let's just say I make a copy for myself. Would you look at this differently or the same? It is definitely not a black & white matter. Sure, you might be pissed I got a copy of your car for free, but hey... I'm the guy with the ray gun from another galaxy. :)

    Piracy is wrong, theft is wrong, but piracy is not theft and we cannot treat it with the same laws and views. We need to address piracy as piracy and deal with it accordingly. Technologies such as "activation" will likely slow or even stop piracy in the future, as annoying as it may be. But until then, it just depends on exactly how many people are willing to support the developers.
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