Game server NIC settings.

By mokaboy
Dec 10, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    Im currently running a Call of Duty 4 game server and have been the last three days from a dedicated computer on my LAN. The server is available to the internet its not just local.

    Im trying to get the best performance for the server i can and was wondering what settings i should have on the NIC card on the server to maybe scrape a little less latency between the clients that connect. I can currently get about 50-60 average from a fellow UK client, to compare Spain is about 130.

    Ok this maybe frowned upon but im currently hosting the server on a 20mb VIRGIN DSL line. I believe the bandwidth's 768kbs UP and obviously 20mb down... Although im only getting about 600-700kb at certain times MAX download.

    The server currently has a maxclient setting of 14 and maxrate setting of 5500, (it goes up to 25000) i believe this allows 5.5kb/s bandwidth for each client so the DSL line can handle...

    The servers motherboard is a MSI neo3 gold edition 754
    The processor is an AMD 64 Athlon 3400+
    The ram is 1gb Hyper X 2x512
    The HDD is 500gb sata

    The performance of the PC is more than enought to power the server.

    The router is a Linksys DSL BEFSX41

    Can any network experts tell me ways to improve latency in anyway? I do not want to run DMZ because of the security risks but i am told this could increase performance.

    Im willing to try anything!
  2. Nodsu

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    Your LAN is doing 100 megabits while your internet connection is 0,7.. There is no point in trying to tweak anything in your NIC since the bottleneck is elsewhere.

    If you want the best performance, get rid of the router altogether and hook a DSL modem directly to the game server. Set up ICS on the server to share the internet to other computers if you like.

    Putting the machine in DMZ might help, yes.

    You could also turn off some of the features in the router like intrusion detection et al. If your router supports QoS, set the game server to the highest priority.
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