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By Hodsocks
Feb 27, 2004
  1. I am having probs trying to install a logic 3 rumblepad USB.
    The operating system is Windows XP home.
    When the gamepad is plugged into an USB port windows recognises that something is plugged in but cannot find drivers for it. The CD that came with the gampad is of no use either. When it was taken back to the supplier he plugged it into another XP machine and it loaded drivers and worked right off, so I assume drivers are built into XP.
    I checked the Logic 3 website and it says the drivers are not part of XP and lists a driver on the site but clicking on the link takes me nowhere.
    I have checked other sites but none have a driver for this model.....Jp274.
    If there should be a driver in XP why won;t it load for me.....I tried a search on the disc, I am beginning to wonder if I may need to try a repair load of windows but it seems a drastic move for a small problem.
    Any suggestions??
  2. (=DoM=)

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    try doing a windows update, generally if windows XP detects a peripheral but doesnt find the driver for it, then it asks Windows update for help, so see if windows update has the driver available.
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