Games still slow after video card upgrade

By truemattyz01
Jul 19, 2007
  1. :( :( hi im really quite stuck .. ihave just bought myself a 8800gts which i thought it would be ace to improve my fps in css im a big css source player and play on via all the time.

    i know via is hard work at the best of times and all the rest.. but i have a 8800gts oc 320mb my cpu is a 3.4 HT and my mobo is a basic (waiting to upgrade) p5ld2 SE. irealise this is not great oh my psw is an antec 24v 500

    but shoudl i really be getting 5-10fps?

    on most games best of times i get 35.. benchmark i sometimes get 70-85 aver

    but in css and other games i get anything from 10-30 and on css i get 10 fps most times

    what could be wrong when i benchmark nvidias latest benchmark tool adriana i get 5-10fps

    ive done clean install of vista .. is vista prob ive got 2GB of ram so this should not be it...... i dont know wat else .. a 8800gts should be fine and latest drivers...

    why am i getting so much low fps in games .. it should not be this bad it does not seem to improve with everything tourned down either im sure sometihngs wrong

    a bit more info

    my gpu runs on steady 58-60c on normal mode and 68-75 sometimes 80 when it really hot ...ive also made sure there is no dust etc

    my cpu runs at 55c generally i have alot of back ground activites so i think ithis is ok

    my mobo is a p5ld2 se i have a vista home edition 32 bit build i really dont know wats rong.. i understnd that mobo needs upgrading but this still hould not produce these results. 20 fps in most and 30fps max
  2. truemattyz01

    truemattyz01 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the 60-75 aver was foer css benchmark which i am told is a bad score by the way...
  3. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    VISTA is probably the whole with the MB and processor u have vista is more demanding than XP and that GPU needs more processor as well. and u do not give the make and model of PSU and if the one u have is a cheappy it could even be the problem.
  4. truemattyz01

    truemattyz01 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the batry cost me 35 quid ... so i need a new one of them too

    thanks alot .... il invest in new psu too now.
    im just about to invest in coasair memory and a dual core 6700 intel..

    will my bord keep up with a better psu memory and chip ai know its dual core my

    mobo a gain P5LD2 SE
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