GameSpy to cease all hosted services on May 31

Shawn Knight

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GameSpy, the mobile networking technology that provides multiplayer support for a number of mobile titles across several platforms, will be shutting down on May 31 according to a notice on the company's website.

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Wait, how did the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 used gamespy?

Oh, it's the publishers that were using gamespy for their multiplayer.


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My first multiplayer games were through Gamespy playing OFP in 2002, Bohemia Interactive still use them for the server browser now. They're switching over to Steam, for ArmA3 at least.


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*sigh* The passing of another era. Many a happy hour was spent playing Battlefield 1942 and Medal of Honor courtesy of GameSpy. Thanks guys!


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I never allowed it to install.

Two reasons. First I don't game online Second, I wasn't sure if it was malware or not.....:D

The "Spy" in the title was a big turn off.


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You know, as much as I remember this I kept forgetting it still existed today. Well I guess for not much longer.

You will be missed.