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May 11, 2003
  1. xlabitor

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    help please

    Hello im 15 years old im looking forward to making my own gaming computer, this will help me out in the future to save money rather than buy a new computer. I need help my father can build computers really easy but I want to test my skills with out his help. I want to know what kind of mother board should I get? Right now I found my CPU im thinking about getting a Intel Pentium Dual Core I'm just wondering what kind of motherboard should i get for this CPU im looking for one that will make a really good gaming computer i currently had a AlienWare it was awsome buy cost alot of money and I dont want to spen 1,500 dollars on a computer thank you.
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    xlabitor, go read reviews. Type in Intel Pentium Dual Core review, and it websites will have full blown articals explaining processor aritecture, to benchmarks comparing The Pentium Dual Core at X speed against say a Core 2 Duo at X speed and an Athlon processor and X speed. Go read lots of reviews! See what motherboards they are using, what speed the memory is, and so fourth. Good luck!
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    Sounds like you need your own thread instead of jacking a dead one.
    Make sure to take a look at red1776's Budget Gaming Guide..
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    Basically people and the forum moderators prefer you to make your own thread instead of asking a question in someone elses question, discussion, or thread.
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    Also people tend to pay a bit more attention.
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