Gaming PC Build Under $700 Need Opinions

By CPU506
Feb 15, 2015
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  1. I put together a list of parts for my first gaming PC for under $700, here is the list of parts: What do you guys think? Please tell me if all the parts are compatible, good quality, and what settings this build is able to play Dying Light, The Evil Within, Skyrim, Minecraft, Max Payne 3, Metro: Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, and a few other games and how much FPS. I will most likely be able to get this PC, and everything else like the monitor, OS, optical drive, keyboard, mouse, and anything else in July, because right now I have $320 and my birthday is in July, I usually get around $300-$400 from my whole family, I will also sell my laptop for $185 because on a site, it said it is worth that much, I might make a few extra bucks through that time so I will have about $850-$900, I might be able to get better parts if I do get that much! Anyway, I hope you guys can help, and PLEASE, as best as you can, try to estimate how good it can handle some of the games I listed above, it will be a HUGE help, thanks a lot guys!!
  2. nickc

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    Get a SSD drive for the boot drive, it will make things load faster, keep the hard drive for u'r down loads, program files, and things that do have to load as fast. and I would advise getting a modular PSU it will make keeping the wires in the case a whole lot cleaner, because u do not have near as many wires connected that way.

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