Gateway laptop 450sx4

Jan 2, 2009
  1. Hello, Please help me. Had a proplem with my power plug on my motherboard, got that fixed. The tech who fixed the laptop, told me that my screen wa faint, which I seen, they tried everything (that is what I was told), is there anything that I can do personally or is the laptop just shot?
  2. Oldtimer39

    Oldtimer39 TS Rookie

    It may be the inverter is going bad, the backlight in the panel or the panel itself. The inverter may be an inexpensive replace if it is the type that is separate and usually behind the panel's bezel but it may be the expensive one if the inverter is on the motherboard itself [would need a new board]. I've gotten good service from for Notebook/Laptop parts.
  3. adweston

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    If the screen is faint, it's not an inverter, it's a backlight. In which case you're in for a new screen.
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