geforce 4ms 420 or radeon 7000

By storm_lord
Jul 16, 2002
  1. Ok im just wondering, since they both have 64 megs, and are almost the same price, which is better.
  2. JAV

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    The MX420 by MILES! The 7000 is = to a TNT2 Pro in benchmarks & such.

    Having said that: the GF2 MX400 is only a little behind the GF4 MX420 & is also better than the 7000. The only *plus* the 7000 has is DDR & it still can't keep up w/the MX's.

    I can tell you're 'stuck' w/a PCI card (that's what the 7000 & MX420 are) & I'm in the same boat. Get a GF & not the 7000. I did & since I've seen comparisons: I'm glad I didn't get the 7000! :grinthumb

    I've spoken to PNY & was told that when the 'new' nVidia chips come out: there will be a hi-performance PCI card in the release. I got a GF2 MX400 in the meantime.

  3. uncleel

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  4. puck_andy

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    only PCI

    What is the current top of the line leader in pci video cards. I know that mx 420 is near the top, but the AGP slot has taken a huge majority of the newer and faster cards.(and for good reason):D Who can claim the top of the pci cards? Poor people like myself should save themselves the torture of looking at all the pretty new mobos, chips, and vid cards.
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