GeForce Experience can now stream gameplay directly to Twitch


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If you're a PC gamer who likes to stream gameplay to the world, the latest update to Nvidia's GeForce Experience may tickle your fancy. Version 1.8.1 includes Twitch ShadowPlay streaming, allowing you to stream your gameplay without needing any additional...

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I don't know what about others' experience, but since the 1.8 version I can record in my native resolution and not the 1080p I don't have. It is getting pretty good, I'm more than satisfyed.


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Using this on my 7950 is the best thing ever! Hope they don't fix it as I don't wanna shell out for a Nvidia card when my 7950 works just fine with it.


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I was hoping I wasn't the only one that had that question.
Well if it does work, I think when I get off work today im going to try it on my HD 6990 Quadfire Machine and see if it works. If so then im going to be a happy camper because now I dont have to use fraps anymore.