Geforce FX 5200 PCI.

By ribbs
Jan 15, 2005
  1. Sup guys.....ummm im sure this has been asked many times....just on diff cards...

    U gotm e a geforcefx 5200 and it works fine and everything only when im in large open spots my FPS drops to 20 - 30s....this is on Counter-strike 1.6.

    Now im running it on a 866 mhz 512 mb ram and tyhe PNY company said that was enough to run I dunno if it could be bottlenecking or not. so thats why i am here :p

    Any ideas?
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  3. ribbs

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    well i read in a diff post to change your res to 640 x 840 and if the fps was still bad then its the card? I unno i did this and it was still not very good...maybe i should send it back?
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    frame speed dropping?

    you posted in January, so wonder if this still applies.

    Try defragging your HDD. Prob with large open environment in game like CS is computer doesnt know where you are going to smaller environments like buildings or alleyways it can predict where you are going, and in most cases the environment is already loaded on your system.

    Of course defrag will not help much if you have 80% of HDD filled. Not sure how many of you will feel about this, but I try to keep at least 50% of HDD empty. This way there are always big open spaces where swap file can drop data. If your HDD is getting full, those free spaces get smaller and smaller, so it takes time for your computer to find space big enough, or even worse, it starts chopping files (which increases access time).

    If you still have problems shut down everything in your task bar that you are not using - like ICQ, MSN, any download managers, sound/video monitors, and disable your task manager too while you are playing. 866MHz CPU is certainly enough to play the game, but there is no point in overworking it.

    Try getting a memory manager like Freeram and set it to free up your memory. It has some options that will help you get better performance.

    ANyways....A few options. Nothing too painful (unless you have a full HDD) If you still need help don't be afraid to email ( I will answer you as quickly as I can.
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