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Geforce MX4000 and abit KT7A raid - boot failure

By code2k ยท 4 replies
Mar 29, 2004
  1. i own 2 pc's with abit kt7a raid - latest bios
    i bought a MX4000 for 1 of those
    the 1st time i tried i received the long/short/short bios beep codes, i reinserted the card again and it worked fine.

    the next day ..... my pc gave me nothing else but the same beep codes.

    i tried the card on my other kt7a pc, same problem...

    the card works fine (!) on 2 of my older pentium3 systems (1 packard bell and 1 abit pc with BE-6 mobo).

    I was thinking of a mobo problem but the card worked fine for 1 day on 1 pc...? clearing cmos doesnt help....

    ps: i m not sure but a bought recently for the other kt7a a ati 9800, is being returned since it seemed to be DOA (only checked this on my two kt7a systems)

    one system has a 300W psu so i rule that out too.
  2. Hitman`

    Hitman` TS Rookie Posts: 40

    NEVER flash your BIOS unless you absolutely have to for your hardware to work. THe only reason bios updates are posted is because of newer hardware on the market, so never do that unless necessary. You most likely toasted the bios when you flashed it (because no mainboard has the latest bios when it is shipped) the bios is a touchy chip, dont screw with it. your bios is prolly doa, get a new chip or a new board.
  3. code2k

    code2k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i m not sure i can follow your conclusion.
    all my pc's work fine with their previous (old) 3D agp card.
    only this new card doesnt seem to work with this type of mobo...
    i dont see why my bios should be "doa"
  4. vassil3427

    vassil3427 TS Rookie Posts: 633

    Hitman, if someone wants to flash their BIOS they can. I always update mine to the latest. It definitly sounds like either a bad mobo, or perhaps the PSU, I know you said you ruled that out, but what type of PSU does it have? And perhaps try swapping one in from another pc.

    Also check to make sure the board is screwed down correctly and that there's nothing touching any of the circuits that could also be touching the case causing it to ground out....
  5. code2k

    code2k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The 2 pc's with the problem have same mobo (and bios version),
    one has a 300 PSU, the other is 220ish.

    on 2 older pc's (psu prolly also 220ish) : they work fine using this videocard.

    so currently i see the mobo as the only possible cause.

    maybe i can try to (find and) install an older bios version,
    at this time no feedback from mobo tech support
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