Geforce2 400/ Madden 2005 Problems

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Feb 22, 2005
  1. I was having a problem with sound on Madden 2005. I was getting no sound. None. I changed sound cards and then I get mp3's playing and game sounds but now my video has 3 or 4 images and is jumping all over the screen, when I exit it locks up. The only other thing I did was updated my video drivers because I was unsure before if it was a video or sound giving me the problem. Should I and can I go back to old video drivers and If I can I am not sure which driver I had. Please help
  2. bushwhacker

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    Hey MTD2 and welcome to TechSpot!

    Try to download nVIDIA ForceWare v56.72 and install it. Download and install Microsoft DirectX 9.0b. Use your old sound card driver. if it works, never download any version later than v56.72. <It was the strongest and very stable software ever created without bugs!>
  3. tbrunt3

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    Actually your card is quite old G_force 2 mmx400 correct ? It a card designed for directx 7 I suggest you try directx8.1 first before 9 all versions of dx is backwards compatiable but I personally think you will have better luck with the DX 8.1.

    This could as very well be a conflict between your sound card and the videocard itself.

    Let us know
  4. bushwhacker

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    Good idea tbrunt3!

    start with directX 7.X then move to 8.1b

    if either works, try directx 9.0b <not 9.0c>
  5. MTD2

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    Ok, how would i unistall Directx9 and go back to 7 or 8? Is it in the control panel remove like other programs? The forceware software that you refer to,..
    ForceWare v56.72 ,... is this video software or motherboard software?
  6. MTD2

    MTD2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also the new Madden game says it needs Direct x9, so does that mean unless I get a card compatible with DX9 that this game will not run at all or will just run poorly. Thanks for the replies so far. Feeling better, at least I have some info and some direction.
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