Get Ubuntu online or uninstall it

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Dec 20, 2010
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  1. Putting in a permanent wired connection is ideal as per leeky's suggestion, though it's not needed. You should be able to get away with taking your PC to the same room as the router and connecting it up with a 2 metre drop cable (a length of Cat 5E stranded with connectors at each end).

    Once connected you can install Linux, connect to the repos, update, fetch the firmware get the wireless working and then take the PC back to the room it belongs in.
  2. StreamRecorder

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    I had a different problem with Ubuntu Maverick. My ethernet connection worked just fine before upgrading. Then I had to reboot my PC multiple times to make Internet work. But it seems everything is fine after installing the latest updates.

    When using wireless DSL you really need to make sure that there are Linux drivers.

    I would try to ask here
  3. circusboy01

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    I know i said I wouldn't badger you and Leeky until after I tried the Wired connection.
    But I need to ask a question. Please look at Stream Recorders post .
    Do I need to check and see if I need to download any drivers?

    Oh by the way I went to a site that showed all wireless cards that are compatible with Ubuntu.Mine is one of them.
    I'd hate to go through all this just to find out my wireless card wouldn't work anyway.
  4. Did you do this:


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