GF4 Ti4600 Problem

By omnipotent1
Oct 30, 2004
  1. Hi all...

    I have a GeForce 4 Ti4600, and it seems that whenever my computer is doing something memory-intensive (saving/loading games, playing some games for extended durations, etc) my graphics card will stop responding. The monitor displays a 'power save mode' message, as it does when the computer is off, so I believe that the graphics card stops sending information to the monitor.

    I believe my motherboard may play a part. It is an Intel D850EMV2 model. When I had a Radeon 9000 installed, the same conditions would cause severe display corruption - the screen would turn into tons of random colors.

    I have tried downloading the latest chipset drivers, updating my motherboard's bios, getting the latest NVidia drivers, but nothing seems to work.

    Please help...
  2. berzerk

    berzerk TS Rookie

    temp problem? you loaded the progie that monitored the card temp?
  3. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    If you seem to have a problem with any card located on the AGP slot, it could be a faulty/under-powered AGP slot. Have you tried lowering the AGP speed, disabling fast-writes & such ?

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
  4. powerstrip

    had a similar problem with my ecs k75sa board when i upgraded to a fx5600. had always worked fine with my prophet 4500. ended up forcing 1x agp by using powerstrip. stopped it crashin everytime i played a game.its a free download and may be worth a try. good luck
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