Gigabyte EG41MF-US2H CPU upgrade?

By bish79 · 4 replies
Dec 10, 2010
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  1. Hi guys.

    1st post go easy please....

    I want to upgrade my dated & laggy CPU. Intel P4 3ghz (531)

    I have been looking at the Q6600, Is that the best one my board can take for around the £100 mark?

    I am running Windows 7 x32 with 4gb of ram (3gb showing) my fault for selecting x32! i am after a boost in performance, I use the PC for graphic design web build, so as you can imagine i use some hungry programmes.

    What do you guys suggest...?

  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,000   +2,529

    The Gigabyte G41 board you've listed supports almost any LGA775 socket CPU. So therefore, it's a mystery, (at least to me), why you've selected such a relic as the Q6600 for the upgrade. You'd probably do much better with a more modern quad.
    Oh well, here's the CPU support page: Think on it for a bit..
  3. EDO219

    EDO219 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    Where did you find a Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz for only 100 euros ($132)? o_o
  4. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    Where did you find it period, I haven't seen it in years.
    Instead, consider a Q8300.
  5. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    What HK said, same CPU I'm using now, its a loverly! :haha:

    The Intel Q8300 is a very capable, 2.5GHz quad core CPU. It can be overclocked moderately, and I'm running mine all day long at 3.16GHz without so much as a single glitch.

    I've been so impressed with it, I've hung on to it and to be honest I still don't see any massive advantage to replacing it when it does everything so well already.

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