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Mar 4, 2010
  1. For the last two days I have been unable to get to my Gmail account server. After I enter my login information my computer seems to go into an infinite loop with some kind of redirect problem. I have no problem logging in to Gmail on other computers. And I have no other apparent problems connecting to any other websites. My computer uses Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 8. I noticed in another techie forum that some people were able to fix a similar problem by ensuring that their pc clock was set to the right date and time. I checked the clock on my computer and it was set correctly. Any suggestions for correction? Or any of you having/had a similar problem?

    A somewhat related issue... Does anyone know the cause of stack overflows? And potential fixes?
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    That's really vague, but you problem is too specific to not post it on the proper forum: you really should post this on the Gmail/Google forum; I use Gmail heavily--best answers are always there.
  3. dcraig1007

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    And how do I get to the Gmail/Google forum?
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  5. dcraig1007

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    I've already done it and I can't access those accounts either. The problem is certainly something to do specifically with my computer. I'm taking it to a "guru" later today.
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