Gnome Panel Problem

By Prozak
Jul 15, 2005
  1. I hope someone can help me with this:

    I have Fedora Core 3 updated to at-stable as of this past week
    I was messing around trying to see how fast I could get linux running by killing pims and I accidentally killed Gnome Panel.
    Everthing loads up fine but now when the loading screen comes up after graphical login I see 2 icons for gnome panel
    Now I have an error that won't go away:
    Error .. Detected that Gnome Panel is aready running and will now close.
    I press ok but this comes right back
    I used top and tried to kill the second instance of gnome panel but it reloads again and again.
    I have gone through the INIT scripts looking for gnomepanel, and also through x-session, and through gnome-session (i think).
    I can't seem to find anything on gnome panel though.

    I thought about just compiling the new version of gnome panel or just forcing the same rpm to install but I'm not sure it'll fix it.

    Everything works fine, its just annoying to have the error on the screen that I can't get rid of.
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