"Go ahead, sue us," says maker of black PS5 faceplates


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In brief: Businesses involved in PlayStation 5 customization haven't had the most successful of times, but one firm is throwing caution to the wind by selling black faceplates for the console and is even inviting Sony to "go ahead, sue us."

US firm dbrand's PS5 Darkplates are now available for pre-order. Owners of Sony's console can simply pop off its white faceplates and replace them with these customized black versions, making it look more like previous-gen PlayStations people know and love.

dbrand writes that the microscopic texture inside the Darkplates features "a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes." Let's hope Sony agrees with that disclaimer.

Faceplate sellers have been stung by Sony in the past. In November, CustomizeMyPlates was forced to remove its products from sale and cancel all pre-orders following a legal threat from the Japanese giant. This came after Sony had already demanded the firm change its name from PlateStation5. CustomizeMyPlates.com currently sells peel-and-stick vinyl skins for the PS5.

While apparently not Sony's fault, a company selling PS2-themed PS5 consoles canceled all its orders after staff allegedly received "credible threats to their safety." SUP3R5 quickly disappeared off the face of the earth, deleting its website and twitter account, bizarrely. There had been an email sign-up so people could be informed when the consoles were ready to relaunch, but that's also vanished.

dbrand will doubtlessly hope Sony takes its provocation in jest: the first three waves of Darkplates have sold out, with shipping taking place in February, March, and April. A fourth wave that ships in May is available.

Right now, only PS5 disc-edition Darkplates are available. They're currently reduced from the usual price of $59 to $49. Custom faceplates for the digital-only console are coming soon.

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When I saw the article photo, at first My brain processed It into Black Lives Matter.
I hope It's just accident and They don't play PC Cancel Culture card? That would be mean. ;-)


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I can't even imagine how corrupt a court would need to be for a manufacturer to successfully sue the makers of after-market cosmetic modifications for devices.


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So controversiallll...
First Nintendo, then Illuminati, now this.
I wonder what their business strategy is? šŸ¤”

Hey, I do like dbrand. They kept my previous phone look brand new for a year without me having to use a giant bumper.

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Is this really high tech? Giving this press attention only makes it worse ..... come on, there are a lot better stories out there to report on!


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This feels like a marketing stunt by D-brand. I wonder how many other journalists wrote up some free indirect marketing for D-brand after they made this controversial statement.
It probably is. dbrand is usually pretty witty for a company from what I've seen (interaction with LTT).

I hope that if Sony goes after them, they hold their ground and can set precedence...


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"Go ahead, sue us" just sounds to me akin to "hold my beer and watch this" and "what are you gonna do, shoot me?"


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This is Sony being stupid.
Imagine Mercedes trying to sue a car sprayer to painting some ones car that belong to them.
I see nothing wrong here only Sony being stupid.


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I'll definitely be buying a PS5 now that I can customize it in all black. It looks much better!

Those that say they will buy an Xbox now because of this "issue", are pathetic. This is not reason alone not to buy, but the opposite.

Don't buy a PS5 if you don't like their games, but for this, makes no sense. You now have more customizable options for PS5, not less...


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The PS5 is an eyesore - huge white plastic monstrosity. It doesn fit under my TV so I hide it behind the curtains as it looks so ludicrous. Maybe black might make it slightly more palatable.
Also don't really use it at the moment. The games are too expensive. If Sony think I'm paying Ā£65 to play Demons Souls they are dreaming. Will just wait until games are old and cheap and pick them up second hand. Shame as I love my SoulsBorne....


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I can't even imagine how corrupt a court would need to be for a manufacturer to successfully sue the makers of after-market cosmetic modifications for devices.
It can happen anywhere in the world for the right amount of money. There are plenty of corrupted judges and prosecutors out there, more than ever before in the history of Justice. They just hide and are protected better nowadays.


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If they will create slightly different shape they are fine. But you can't copy industrial design elements and feel safe.
That's rubbish and would by extension mean that any makers of aftermarket/non-OEM car parts would be infringing on the car manufacturers IP, and would mean that car brands have a de-facto enforceable monopoly for any like-stock replacement parts.

While it's certainly the case that the OEM could prevent third party aftermarket manufacturers from selling a replacement part that directly infringes on a registered patent, eg, a proprietary patented type of connector, for example, they don't simply have carte blanche to prevent anybody from selling a product that is merely intended to replace a part of and/or be affixed onto/into their product.