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Good choice or bad?

By duffguy
Sep 1, 2005
  1. i just got my old computer fixed and the guy fixed it for free (now i no y) the graphics in this thing sucks period. i mean i cant even play counter strike! if i play halo the backround is white and so is most of senery so i decided to get a videio card not to expensive but just right. im not a hardcore gamer so im thinking of a 34mb or 128mb. i found this NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 AGP 128 MB Graphics Card at walmart and i wonder if i can put in my comp. my specs r down there to see. clik HERE for v card specs and price.

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 1
    DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
    Computer Name PC-3LXVVEDMRK4G
    User Name E

    CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 2666 MHz (20 x 133)
    Motherboard Name MSI 661FM2-V (MS-7060) (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)
    Motherboard Chipset SiS 661FX
    System Memory 240 MB (PC2100 DDR SDRAM)
    BIOS Type Award (08/10/04)
    Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
    Communication Port Communications Port (COM2)
    Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

    Video Adapter SiS 661FX (16 MB)
    3D Accelerator SiS 330 Mirage Integrated

    Audio Adapter SiS 7012 Audio Device

    IDE Controller SiS PCI IDE UDMA Controller
    Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive
    Disk Drive ST34321A (4 GB, 5400 RPM, Ultra-ATA/33)
    Disk Drive WDC WD1600JB-00GVA0 (149 GB, IDE)
    Optical Drive ATAPI DVD-ROM 16XMax (16x DVD-ROM)
    SMART Hard Disks Status OK

    C: (NTFS) 4102 MB (124 MB free)
    E: (NTFS) 152625 MB (149748 MB free)
    Total Size 153.1 GB (146.4 GB free)
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966


    Yes it should work ok in your system.
    However you have another bottleneck--RAM
    your onboard vid was/is shared ram from your system
    ram (you have 256) 16mb's was for vid.
    Your really gonna see a diff with just vid upgrade but
    an even better one with ram increase. Even 512mb total
    will increase things quite a bit. XP will run better as well as games.

  3. C_Conqueror

    C_Conqueror TS Rookie Posts: 140

    Just curious why did you buy one at wal-mart and not newegg or zipzoomfly? I agree with SOcRatEs you need another 256 mb at least get it at newegg this time.
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