Good free IPhone 4 DVD converter?

By Duthie
Jan 8, 2011
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  1. Anyone have a good one? just got a new iphone 4 for Christmass....added apps, trying to add movies now. I have tried several, first one I used, Looked brilliant quality,only for the there was a watermark across the middle of the screen saying trial version and the latest ones I found just dont seem to be saving in the right quality.

    Anyone save me the hassle of serching and downloading another dozen programs? This isnt ilegal as I have bought the dvds and im just looking to get them on my iphone....looking for a free converter tho....if possible?
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    My favorite tool for ripping DVD's is Handbrake, which has an option to rip in iPhone format:
  4. Duthie

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    Iv tried the first one but was unsuccesfull....Maybe im doin it wrong? like I have my dvd in my PC the (e:drive) and when I have to choose a file maybe am i choosing the wrong one? I just want to copy the entire film,trailers included. Maybe I have the settings wrong?

    I just selected normal mode and tried to do it that way.....And its coming out really poor quality...unwatchable result :/ gonna try the handbrake one now.....

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