Google Fiber expansion may be coming to Austin, Texas

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Austin, Texas, could be the next stop for Google’s coveted gigabit network. The search giant and the city of Austin have invited members of the press as well as business leaders to a joint event tomorrow. Naturally, both Google and...

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TS Evangelist
Not heard any reviews of Google's services, but I damned wish they'd come to London.


Nigerian Prince
At least they've found it worthwhile to expand. More than Verizon or Comcast is doing, they just tell us we don't need it then put a cap on how much we can use.

Jad Chaar

Elite Techno Geek
I would rather pay for 50MB/s upload and 100MB/s download. I am never gonna need any speeds greater than the ones I stated. I am on a 5 up and 15 down now and I survive. Games download quick and I can go on with my day. Until this becomes standard, there is no need.


@ [SIZE=14px]JC713[/SIZE]

How much are they paying you to post this type of bs? Sounds like a great and easy job to try and detour net innovation, better quality service, and remove the monopoly businesses like Comcast have on most of their service areas (and are allowed to provide horrid customer service).


Why not put this fiber service in an already established network/server hub city such as Dallas? This would actually do more good for consumers and businesses in and outside of Texas. This is nothing more than google rewarding Austin for being a liberal city, as google itself as a company is filled with backwards thinking liberals.


TS Rookie
LOL. Keep Austin weird baby! I'm sure Google is reading that one guy from Dallas' comment and reconsidering something we don't even know for sure is going to happen. Entitlement to fictional items... Are you sure you are not from California?