Google Pixel 8 users are reporting unusual screen bumps: cause unknown


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In brief: It seems to be a standard practice for some owners of new phones to encounter problems soon after they launch, something that happens regularly with Google's Pixels. The latest Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are no exception, with several users reporting the discovery of small bumps protruding from beneath their handsets' screens.

Owners have been posting images of the unusual Pixel 8 bumps on Reddit and Google forums. The good news is that they appear to only be cosmetic, not affecting the Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the touch functionality, or the image quality. They're not even very easy to see, but the concern is that they could worsen over time, resulting in something more serious.

Exactly what's causing the bumps is unclear. 9to5Google notes that teardowns of the handsets do appear to confirm that the placement of some components lines up with the bumps, suggesting the hardware could be pressing on the underside of the screen. An alternative theory is that this is a problem stemming from an issue during the Pixels' manufacturing process.

Some reports show the bumps have appeared at the top of the screen near the edges of the phone and close to the front-facing camera. Google hasn't commented on the reports, though it might do so if more of them arrive.

This isn't the only problem Pixel 8 users have discovered. There have been complaints of a tinting issue on some devices that gives the always-on display a pink or yellow color when viewed in dark conditions.

There have also been reports of the latest Pixels experiencing overheating and battery problems, which may be related to poor mobile data connectivity - something we saw with its predecessors.

To reiterate, it's a sad truth that there are almost always problems on new phone models that vary in their seriousness, and companies only tend to address them if enough users are impacted. It seems that for now at least, Google isn't going to do anything about the bumps.

These issues aside, the Pixel 8 has received excellent reviews from critics and consumers alike. We named it a joint winner in our 'Best for Most' category in the 'The Best Phones: Top Picks for Every Price Range' feature.

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LOL, we are talking about google, a company that has never implemented QC in manufacturing. Utter trash at premium prices. Not even a cold day in hell would see me buy Google hardware.
Yet another pixel device with major hardware bugs. I'm not shocked, nor even disappointing that google hasnt fixed anything since the days of the nexus. I'm apathetic at this point.