Google sets new Internet traffic record, now at 6.4 percent

By Emil · 44 replies
Oct 25, 2010
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  1. jazboy

    jazboy TS Rookie Posts: 112

    I am thinking if anyone would have purchase minimum 100 share of Google 8 years back then how much profit he would have made by now..
    I like Google very much because of their new ideas and innovation.
  2. posermobile89

    posermobile89 TS Rookie Posts: 72

    I can't even begin to comprehend their massive amounts of server space and cpus and ram to have 6.4% of the internet traffic -mind blown-
  3. kearnsy24

    kearnsy24 TS Rookie

    Love it, more and more google gains power. Google is the wave of the future.
  4. ---agissi---

    ---agissi--- TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,978   +15

    Good point. Have they ever shown any of this to the public?
  5. grimm808

    grimm808 TS Rookie Posts: 30

    And then Google an Walmart collide and cause a big-bang theory, and our galaxy get's sucked into a void.
  6. hassaan

    hassaan TS Rookie Posts: 90

  7. xanthic42

    xanthic42 TS Rookie

    Would be interesting to see how that much data breaks down into various subsets. Such as adsense vs search results(text vs image vs other) vs video files and whatnot.
  8. xcelofjkl

    xcelofjkl TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Google's HUGE. 6% of the entire internet is nothing to scoff at.
  9. starfreezer

    starfreezer TS Rookie Posts: 16

    I think Gmail has a good share of the cake too. I hear lots of positive things about it and I use it myself all the time during the day. And I guess it generates lots of traffic too with all that spam management :)
  10. fritz123

    fritz123 TS Rookie Posts: 56

    the growth of google is just mind blowing. to think handling that much of the internet's population is just astounds me. it looks like google's success comes with everything they get involved with. what's next? global domination? HAHA
  11. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,144   +911

    I do wonder what servers they use/ specs of the machines they use? I mean, thats alot of people accessing there servers and I know they must be pretty high spec, but there servers even have the capacity to run other stuff, I can't remember where I read it (may have been on a techspot weekend news read) but google dedicate server time for scientists etc... to work out complicated maths questions and run 6% of all bandwidth used on the internet?!

    These server farms must be mind blowing to see! Let alone what ISP's they use to host there servers on!
  12. samironsy

    samironsy TS Rookie

    very nice Google keep on
  13. buttus

    buttus TS Enthusiast Posts: 180

    I wonder how Bing is doing in comparrison to Google?
  14. milford50

    milford50 TS Rookie

    Google might be the next USSR lol. Who knows ?
  15. frodough

    frodough TS Rookie Posts: 90

    the rate android phones are popping out and the fore coming chrome tablet(?) their internet traffic share will only go up
  16. oasis789

    oasis789 TS Rookie Posts: 51

    judgement day is coming... wheres john connor when you need him?!?
  17. sMILEY4ever

    sMILEY4ever TS Booster Posts: 158

    Anyways, congrats google for the 6%.
  18. XnaX

    XnaX TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Considering it's not just '', but ALL of Google's website properties, 6% seems kinda small to me..
  19. Yoda8232

    Yoda8232 TS Rookie Posts: 145

    They deserve it, there search engine has been the best for years. Hopefully they don't change it too much as they are starting to change it recently. If there is a Skynet coming, I see Google all over it haha.
  20. akannitaoheed

    akannitaoheed TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Just another Microsoft in the making I can tell. Just watch out for GOOGLE O/S. Its going to be amazing isn't it?

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