Google Stadia launches on November 19 across more than a dozen markets

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Google during its Made by Google event in New York City on Tuesday revealed that Stadia will launch on November 19 across 14 markets, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Specifically, Google’s cloud-based gaming service will go live at 9 a.m. Pacific. John Justice, vice president of product at Stadia, said Founder’s Edition and Premiere Edition kits will ship out to users in the same order that pre-orders were received. In other words, if you were among the very first to secure a pre-order, you should be near the front of the line in the shipping queue.

Keep an eye on your inbox as Google will send a message when your order ships and another with a code to activate your Stadia account and Stadia Pro service.

The Stadia Founder’s Edition bundle includes three months of Stadia Pro access, a buddy pass that gives a friend three months of complementary service, a Google Chromecast Ultra streaming dongle and an exclusive “Night Blue” Stadia controller. The bundle is still available to pre-order priced at $129.

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TS Maniac
Another way for Google to data-mine its unwitting customers. How do you think the company which gives its core products away pretty much for free - Google Search, Chrome and Android is so wealthy?


TS Evangelist
You don't have to buy a bundle, simply pay $10 per month and use a keyboard mouse or any controller on a screen that has chrome.


TS Evangelist
Nope. Google is banking on their new "predictive algorithems" to compensate for the inherent lag that comes with online connections. Their promises, though, will only work by bending space and time; E.G. they are pie in the sky promises to cover up the unfortunate truth that online connections lag and SUCK for reaction times. I predict STadia will dissapear in 2-3 year sleaving lots of pointless hardware.

Why would I pay for the hardare, and pay for the subscription, AND pay for the games, just for the priveledge of not actually owning any of the games and having to rely on an always online internet connection?