Google to prohibit the monetization of adult content on Blogger

Shawn Knight

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Google is in the process of revising its terms of service with regards to adult-themed Blogger sites. The change is designed to crack down on site owners that are making money from adult oriented advertisements.

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That's kinda funny... Google must have grown some morals after getting busted helping illegal drug websites advertise on Google. WIRED just had a story about it, Google had to pay $500 million at the end of it. (


Removing adult content from blogger seems like a trial run to removing adult content from the web, and why not since google seems to be the biggest shareholder of the net right now. Do you really think google owes you something because you have a porn site with millions of backlinks? You may own your adult/porn site, but in the end, google pretty much owns the internet. Seems like porn is being phased out, first tumblr, now blogger, whos next, the WWW?