Google is in the process of revising its terms of service with regards to adult-themed Blogger sites. The change is designed to crack down on site owners that are making money from adult oriented advertisements.

Effective June 30, the search giant will strictly prohibit the monetization of adult content on Blogger according to an e-mail being sent to website owners. Administrators that continue to run adult advertisements will see their blogs removed, Google warns.

Google is sending the message to owners that have manually marked their site as having adult content as well as those that have been determined to be running adult advertising. Naturally, the notification system isn't perfect as the search giant may have accidentally targeted a few innocent site owners - even one individual that signed up for a Blogger account but never used the service.

At present, Google's terms of service do allow the sharing of adult content but urge users not to use Blogger in a manner that would make money from the content. Additionally, Google frowns upon sites that have a large amount of ads or links to commercial porn sites.

Those unhappy with the changes do have options, however. If you recall, Yahoo purchased blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion last month. Marissa Mayer recently noted that Yahoo has no plans to censor adult material on Tumblr. She described it as being the nature of user-generated content and even plugged the NSFW tools that are already in place.