Google's Nest Thermostat drops to all-time low price in 1-day Amazon sale

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Editor's take: If you've been contemplating a switch to a smart thermostat like the Google Nest, Amazon's currently daily deal is certainly worth a look. It's the lowest price we've ever seen on the Wi-Fi connected device and will likely serve as both a visual and technological upgrade to your current thermostat.

Google in late 2020 launched a refined version of its Nest smart thermostat featuring a simpler design and a lower price point of just $129.99. Now, for a limited time, it’s even more affordable.

Amazon in its Today’s Deals section is offering Google’s Nest thermostat for just $87.99, so long as you are alright with the white model. For some reason, the other three other colors – black, green and pink – are only marked down to $99.99. Perhaps the white is the least popular of the four color schemes?

Even if you don’t take advantage of Nest’s smart features, like its ability to turn itself down when you leave so you aren’t wasting energy cooling or heating an empty home, the Wi-Fi connected device can still be handy. Being able to control your thermostat remotely from a smartphone, even if you’re just sitting on the couch or lying in bed, is incredibly convenient.

Before making the switch to a connected thermostat like a Nest, you’ll want to make sure it will work with your home’s heating and cooling system. Google has a compatibility checker over on the Google Store that can guide you through the process before ordering.

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I want all the devices in my home to be "SMART" so a hacker can have complete and total access to everything!

More like the government. I read where that they have mandated "smart" thermometers and that they can lower your energy usage pretty much anytime they think there is a "crisis", which we wouldn't have if we had more nuclear and not shut down so many efficient coal plants for "green" stuff that only works if the wind is blowing or the sun shining.


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Check your power company's partner for discounted energy saving hardware. My house has two Furnace/AC systems, each nest was about 60 bucks on their website. And has been for a long long time.

Nearly everyone has access to these stores, they just dont know about it.


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Our power company installed a power surge protector on my neighbor's fuse box, which is outside mind you, and the box doesn't close all the way. The tech was a real intellectual.