In brief: Google’s Nest on Monday introduced a more affordable version of the smart thermostat that put Nest on the map nearly a decade ago. The thermostat is a bit thinner than previous models due to the fact that Nest replaced the traditional spinning wheel mechanism with a touch-sensitive pad along the edges. It also utilizes Soli motion sensing technology in conjunction with your phone’s location to determine when you have left home and can adjust the temperature automatically as to not heat or cool an empty house.

Ruchi Desai, a senior product manager at Google Nest, said saving energy is the number one reason why people seek out a smart thermostat. The new Nest Thermostat excels in this area, allowing users to set custom temperatures at different times and on different days via the Quick Schedule feature in the Google Home app.

Savings Finder, meanwhile, helps users identify small optimizations that can add up to big energy savings, such as adjusting the temperature at night while you sleep. It is also equipped with a feature announced earlier this year that can alert users to potential issues with their HVAC systems.

Nest’s latest can be installed in under 30 minutes, Google said, and is compatible with most homes. Still, you’ll want to consult the compatibility guide if you are new to smart thermostats before purchasing.

The new Nest Thermostat is available to pre-order from today priced at $129.99 in your choice of white, pink, black or green color schemes. The optional trim kit will set you back an additional $14.99, should you need it. Look for them both to ship in the coming weeks.