GoPro announces the Hero 10 Black action camera with a new processor and 5.3K60 video...


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What just happened? GoPro has announced the new Hero action camera with a noticeable upgrade to the processor. Its powerful GP2 processor allows it to record at a higher resolution or higher frame rates and offers improved stabilization for added quality in recorded footage. Moreover, it also lets you upload content to the cloud, but you'll require a subscription for that.

Thanks to the new GP2 processor, the GoPro Hero 10 Black can shoot 23MP photos and record at 5.3K resolutions at 60FPS. However, 4K and 2.7K video resolutions are still available, but this time with up to 120FPS or 240FPS, respectively. Moreover, you can take 19.6MP frames from 5.3K 4:3 videos recorded at 30FPS and 15.8MP shots from a 5.3K video at 60FPS. The GP2 processor also improves the camera interface, which is now more responsive.

Improving on the HyperSmooth technology used in previous GoPro cameras, the 4.0 version further eliminates unwanted shakes from your footage, increasing the horizon leveling tilt limit to 45º. GoPro goes as far as claiming that the Hero 10 produces the "smoothest shake-free video you've ever seen from any camera, regardless of price." Video quality is also overall better using local tone mapping (LTM) and 3D noise reduction (3DNR), producing crisper images even at low light settings.

GoPro's new action camera also offers improved wireless data transfer speeds, about 30% higher than the Hero 9's, and a new USB data transfer interface that's 50% faster than when doing via wireless.

With the Hero 10 Black, you can upload footage to your GoPro cloud account, even when the camera is charging. However, this will require a GoPro subscription, which costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a year.

The GoPro Hero 10 comes in two options: just the camera or the camera + accessory bundle. This accessory bundle includes an extension grip with a tripod, a magnetic swivel clip, a spare battery and a 32GB SD card.

You can order a GoPro Hero 10 Black for $499.99 or buy it with the additional accessory bundle for $549.99. If you get the 1-year subscription along with the GoPro Hero or the GoPro Hero + accessory bundle, you'll get a $100 discount.

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Another "subscription".
Everything is a subscription these days. Guaranteed revenue stream each month/year.
Wonder how long it will be until MS does that to windows?


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Didn't the GoPro company nearly collapse a couple of years ago? They kept cranking out new versions of the same junk every 6 months with barely noticeable improvements and expected all the sheep to keep upgrading. They assumed it would be like iPhone cycles where all the sheep just keep buying the same overpriced junk over and over, ad infinitum.


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I wouldn't call gopro buyers stupid - yes there is many more competitors nowadays .
Apparently Iphones can't take the vibrations - and would you really have one on your MTB racing down a mountain - or diving on the reef ?
It was innovative - easy to use , charge, reasonable quality output - voice operated , sync to phone screens straightaway .
It's a natural landscape mode , unlike phones - which are hard to do disaster with one hand in landscape.

Probably there imagine stabilization , features are good enough - only need to upgrade if very old or lost - or need multiple angles .

If it really is stupid why do so many commercial adventure businesses use them , rent them out etc ?
Because they are quite ***** proof, rugged , waterproof etc & the customer is happy with the results .

What would the person who likes insulting and name calling hand out . Canon R6 ? Iphone 12Pro?
Sony , Panasonic, JVC video cameras ?
You can buy supercheap ones with SD cards - but they are mainly for security and fixed placement .
Yeah not stupid person - what would you give to skydivers , people diving ? - some 2 handed encased camera - remember lots of these have just passed their open water.
Ha funny the word ** out - nicer that stupid


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Anybody stupid enough to spend $500 on a tiny piece of crap camera already bought one. So who is this brand new garbage for?
This is a very good action camera. You are the only one who doesn't know what it is used for. Let me guess, you prefer an "iphone" :)