Got a spare $4,300? You could buy this 43-inch statue of Devil May Cry 5's Dante


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In a nutshell: Imagine if you had $4,299 to spend on something gaming-related. What would you choose? A couple of RTX 3090s from eBay? A powerful pre-built PC? Or how about blowing the whole lot on an enormous statue of Devil May Cry 5's Dante?

Joining the list of stunningly expensive statues of video game characters is Prime 1 Studios' special Black Label edition of Dante. Part of the Devil May Cry series' 20th-anniversary celebrations, it measures 43 inches (almost 3 foot six) in height and weighs a colossal 30 kilograms (66 pounds). While that means displaying the figure on top of a mini-ITX PC case may be unwise, it's probably resistant to all but the chunkiest of cats that like to push things over.

As this is the more expensive Black Label edition—the standard version is a still eye-watering $2,699—the statue includes a second, swappable Dante head made from silicone that comes with synthetic hair. The model also features his Ebony and Ivory pistols and sword, Rebellion.

Dante's jacket has been given special attention. Made from real leather, it features realistic stitching, zippers, and buttons that match the one seen in Devil May Cry 5. There are also functional riveting and stitching on his pants and a belt buckle made of metal.

You can see the statue's level of detail in the gun, bandages, and Dante's features—even his stubble and eyebrows are made from the same synthetic hairs as those on his head.

"Prime 1 Studio's tailors have been able to painstakingly recreate Dante's long coat in exacting detail due to this statue's immense scale. Inspect each and every stitch, and you won't be disappointed," reads the description. "Marvel at the threadbare qualities of his Henley shirt, created to call back to his signature look from the game. We've employed real, metal hardware in his clothes: from the rivets on his shoulders to the zippers on his sleeves. Even his finely-tailored pants have a belt with a gleaming buckle and functional riveting."

Fans can preorder the Black Label edition Dante statue from Prime 1 right now, with shipping set for between November 2022 and February 2023. You can pay "just" $429 straight away and the remaining $3,869 at the time of shipping. There are also shipping fees and import tax to consider, the former of which will likely be pretty costly, given the statue's weight.

We've looked at other massive statues in the past, though none as hefty or as pricey as this one. There was the 57-pound, $1,300 statue of The Witcher 3's Geralt and the 30-pound, $1,500 figure of Lara Croft by Weta Workshop.

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$4300 for a plastic statue. A large one, granted, but $4300.....just WTF. You can buy a round trip ticket to europe for $890. Two people could fly to europe for a week and vacation around staying in expensive hotels and not spend that much......