WTF?! It's not unusual for a particularly hardcore PC gamer to spend well over $1,000 on top-of-the-line PC components (or even just a single part), but as it turns out, there are those who are willing to sink even more cash into decidedly less practical items -- like Prime1Studio's new Geralt of Rivia statue (of Witcher fame).

Coming in at an astonishing $1,300 for the "standard" edition, this statue is a pretty expensive way to spice up your gaming den or living room. With a price tag like that, it's obviously well out of reach for most consumers, but on the bright side, Prime1Studios is letting people "pay with installments," so that's something. Opting for this payment method will knock the price down to as little as $90 a month, with a $130 up-front deposit.

The statue is 57lb and ships at 1/3 scale, which means it'll stand about 35 inches tall, or roughly 3 feet. It's hard to really picture that kind of sizing without seeing the statue in person, but it will probably be big enough to catch the eye of any visitors you happen to have over.

Its attention-drawing nature is aided by the fact that the statue -- which depicts Geralt in his Witcher 3 gear -- shows our monster-slaying hero holding about four or five severed monster heads. They're fastened with some sort of rope holder, which seems a bit inefficient, but he probably knows what he's doing.

The detail on the statue is, as you'd expect, pretty great looking. You can see the fine textures of Geralt's chainmail pauldrons, his leather gloves, and even his weather-beaten sword scabbards.

If you're a fan of customization, the $1,450 Deluxe Edition may be more your speed. It comes with a total of four swappable heads, each with a slightly different facial expression or beard. Both versions of the statue also have an LED-illuminated stand (the Witcher medallion's eyes will glow red), but the Deluxe edition also includes three "Deluxe Head Stands" if you want to showcase those separately.

Pre-orders for both statue models are open now, but there's no release date just yet.

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