GPU prices are trending downward as cryptocurrencies tumble


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It wouldn't be as big of a waste if renewable resources were used. Unfortunately, they're not very popular in developing nations such as the United States.

Let's say they used 100% volcanic/geothermal energy to mine 100% of all crypto (now that there are more than 17,000 - eclipsing the number of real-world currencies.

The real question we should be asking:

#1 Why am I exchanging my real world cash USD/Yen/Yuan/etc for "tokens"???

#2 Why am I exchanging real world cash with low-volatility into a highly volatile market where I can literally lose half my money in a year?

#3 Why am I exchanging real world cash into a highly volatile market with no protections such as the FDIC?

#4 Why am I exchanging real world cash into a highly volatile market where the speculative asset (crypto) has no intrinsic value whatsoever and absolutely can go to $0?

Answer: Cause I can get rich quick and buy a lambo?


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Answer: Cause I can get rich quick and buy a lambo?

Live fast, die young generation!

I wonder if after buying the Lambo, they can afford to pay taxes, insurances or gas for this.
As you might know SuperCars gas consumption is measured in minutes and not miles per gallon.

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I would of been no effort to nvidia or AMD to make sure sales go to gamers. there is no loyalty to these money grabbing betrayers.
Of course there isn't any loyalty. Neoliberal capitalism doesn't allow them to have loyalty to anything but the almighty buck.

On the AMD side, do gamers truly deserve their loyalty after all the ways that AMD tried to make the gaming world better for everyone only to see the gamers continue to behave selfishly and buy nVidia cards in record numbers? I sure as hell wouldn't have loyalty towards gamers after that.


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I have been hearing Ethereum POS for the past two years.
Meanwhile here in america AMD 6800xts are still going for $1300+, or over 100% above MSRP. Same with the 3070ti. Availability for anything remotely close to MSRP is still nil.

I think these lower prices should be considered a hiccup, not a notable improvement. Crypto could very easily rebound, and until cards near MSRP are widespread I think it's too early to call this an ending issue.

And can we stop pretending Etherium is going proof of stake? It's been 6 years, its not gonna happen.

You’re literally referencing a concept proposal timeframe vs where we currently are - with a fully functioning second chain and numerous EIPs in place ready to switch.

The groundwork has already been done and the only thing left is the merge. If you’re whining about “hearing it for 6 years” and “it’s been almost happening for 2” you’re woefully out of date and haven’t been paying attention. The POS chain has already been running for 2 years.