Grand Theft Auto V sales cross the $1 billion mark in just three days



GTA V could have no doubt reached the milestone even faster had they released a version for the PC alongside the 360 and PS3. There are currently no official plans for the PC or next generation consoles but they?d have to be crazy not to eventually port the game to these systems.
The weird thing is that there is a petition to stop GTA V from coming to the PC
10,000 examples of how vocal console gamers are just as daft and ignorant as their PC brethren.

Now, who wants to help me manipulate the BAWSAQ? I have a position in HAL that could have a pretty explosive upside if enough people jump on board.


For the millionth time, they would've crossed the $1 billion mark on FIRST DAY if they have also released the game for PC.
Yeah, it also would'e been the number one mounted iso of all time too LOL. Might break even starcraft's records


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There's always going to be nay-sayers who are going to bring the game down no matter what. Its a fun game intended for Adults, its your choice to let someone below 17 play the game (Mostly aimed at parents).

I love the game series and they have tons of violence among other things, but in the end, there's always some hidden messages that bring the game full circle.

Breaking the 1billion dollar threshold does not surprise me, the game has so much hype and rockstar has such an Amazing reputation for games now that people flock to see what they come out with next!


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Well, I made the mistake of buying this game! I've never played any game in the GTA franchise before, never wanted to, but there were too many good reviews this time and too much hype for me to pass it up. I consider this a mistake because this game is insanely addictive. "Just one more mission..." right up to my alarm clock when I need to get up and go to work. But it's really fun and they nailed the freedom to do what you like in the open world with scripted events to drive the story forward.
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